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QA Metrics dialog box > Start

The "Metrics Results" is the table in the Metrics pane. To open the Metrics pane, open the QA Metrics dialog box and click the Start button. As the Metrics processing accomplishes, the Metrics pane opens automatically.

The "Metrics Results" table displays the report about Metrics results. Use the Metrics pane to view and export Metrics results.

Each time you process the Metrics for the same project, the Metrics results display in the "Metrics Results" table in the new tabbed page. The page with the most recent Metrics results is active.

The "Metrics Results" table rows display the elements (namespaces, classes) that were analyzed, and the table columns display the values of the selected metrics. Context menus of the table cells enable you to navigate to the source code, view descriptions of the metrics, and produce charts.

Controls of the Metrics pane

Item Description

Toolbar buttons:

Saves Audits results Save

Saves Metrics results.

Refresh Refresh

Recalculates the Metrics results that are currently displayed.

Restart Restart

Opens the QA Metrics dialog box to define the new Metrics settings and to start the new Metrics analysis.

Show Namespaces Show Namespaces

Shows Metrics results for namespaces.

Show Classes Show Classes

Shows Metrics results for classes.

Show Methods Show Methods

Shows Metrics results for methods.

Show Children Show Children

Shows Metrics results for descendant classes.

Context menu commands:


Opens the selected element (class, method) in the Code Editor.

Show Description

Displays a window with the full name and description of the selected metric.

Kiviat Chart

Builds a Kiviat chart.

Bar Chart

Builds a bar chart.

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