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Go Up to Debug Windows Index

View > Debug Windows > Local Variables

Shows the current function's local variables while in debug mode. To view local variables from a non-current stack frame, select a frame from the drop-down list.

ExternalVisualizer.bmp precedes the value in the Value field when an external-viewer debugger visualizer is available to display the data. See the Visualizers command in the context menu.

Right-click the Local Variables window to display the following commands:

Item Description


Displays the selected watch item in the Debug Inspector window.


Displays the selected watch item in the Watch List Window.


Displays the selected watch item in the Evaluate/Modify window.


Appears (along with ExternalVisualizer.bmp in the Value field) only when the selected data item has an associated external-viewer type debugger visualizer. To display the data in an external window, click the icon and then the submenu item, or right-click the data item and click the Visualizers submenu item, such as Show Strings for the TStringList external-viewer visualizer.

Copy Name

Copies the Name field of the selected variable to the clipboard.

Copy Value

Copies the Value field of the selected variable to the clipboard.

Stay On Top

Keeps the Local Variables window visible, even when it does not have focus.


Enables drag-and-dock for the Local Variables window.

Tip: You can display this window by pressing CTRL+ALT+L while any IDE window has focus, even if you are not in debug mode. However, the window will be empty unless the debugger is paused. Keep this window open during your debugging sessions to monitor how your program updates the values of variables as the program runs.

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