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This tutorial provides an overview of the Embarcadero Appmethod development environment to get you started using the product right away. It also tells you where to look for details about the tools and features available in Appmethod.

  • Tour of the IDE describes the main tools on the Embarcadero Appmethod desktop, or integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Starting your first Appmethod application explains how to use some of these tools to create an application.
  • More advanced topics describes the more advanced features in Appmethod, like FireMonkey, RTL, or the included third party add-ins.
  • Other resources displays a list of code-related articles on various products and the partners of Embarcadero.

For examples of specific functionality, see the Examples node of the Help or the Examples Wiki.

For sample projects that show how to write programs such as a text editor or database application, see the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\Samples directory of your Embarcadero Appmethod installation. The samples are also accessible from Start | Programs | Embarcadero Appmethod 1.17 | Samples.

For a list of topics on using Appmethod, see Getting Started with Appmethod.

Other online resources are available at