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Installing an EMS Package

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You can install a new EMS Package in the EMS Server (loading EMS Resources to extend its functionalities), in order to test them in a developer environment or deploy them in a real scenario.

Installing an EMS Package for Testing

You can install EMS Packages in the EMS Developer Server that is delivered with Appmethod, as follows:

  1. In the Project Manager right-click the EMS Package project and select Options > Debugger
  2. Check that the following parameters for the target platform are set:
    • Host application:
      • 32-bits Windows applications: $(BDS)\bin\EMSDevServer.exe
      • 64-bits Windows applications: $(BDS)\bin64\EMSDevServer.exe
    • Parameters: -l$(TargetName)
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. To run the project, right-click on it and select Run or press F9.

If the EMS Server registers successfully the new resource, you can see a message in the EMS Server Log (in the EMS Server Window):


Installing an EMS Package for Deployment

You can install a new EMS Package in an existing EMS Server that is already deployed. Edit the EMSserver.ini file of your EMS Server adding you server extension packages.

  1. Go to the [Server.Packages] section.
  2. List the EMS Packages as follows:
; server extension packages go here
;c:\mypackages\basicextensions.bpl=mypackage description

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