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Go Up to Search Menu

Search > Incremental Search Ctrl+E

Allows you to interactively search for text. Start typing your search string immediately after invoking Incremental Search. As you type, the first matching result is highlighted in the editor, and all other matching instances are highlighted in a second color.

Note: The first matching result is the first result found after the position of the cursor.

The status bar at the bottom of the editor window displays a search box with the text you are looking for:


To begin a new search, press Backspace to clear the status bar, or select Search > Incremental Search again.

To activate the search toolbar, click on the text box of the Incremental Search toolbar.

After the search toolbar is activated, you can initiate a search upwards or from the beginning of the file without using the mouse to click the Search Up and Search From Beginning buttons.

  • Enter initiates a search downwards.
  • Shift+Enter initiates a search upwards.
  • Ctrl+Enter initiates a search from the beginning of the file.

To search directly in the Code Editor:

  1. Once you introduce your search criteria in the toolbar and press enter, the focus changes to the code editor.
  2. All the matches appear highlighted.
  3. To go through the string matches in the Code Editor without using the toolbar, use the following shortcuts:
    • F3 / Ctrl+L to search downwards.
    • Shift+F3 to search upwards.

Item Description


Displays your search string as you type. You can also click the associated down-arrow DownArrowFind.bmp to select a previously entered search string.

SearchUp.bmp Up Arrow

Searches from the current position to the beginning of the file.

SearchDown.bmp Down Arrow

Searches from the current position to the end of the file. This is the default.

RestartFromBeginning.bmp Restart from beginning

Starts to search downward from the beginning of the file.

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