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ILINK64 is the linker for C++ 64-bit Windows applications. Command syntax and usage for ILINK64 are the same as those of ILINK32.EXE, the 32-bit Incremental Linker. The main differences between the two C++ linkers for Windows are:

  • ILINK32 links .obj and .lib files into a 32-bit Windows executable or .dll.
  • ILLINK64 links .o and .a files into a 64-bit Windows executable or .dll.

With these main differences, you use the two linkers in the same ways.

For additional information about ILINK64, consult the ILINK32.EXE, the 32-bit Incremental Linker page.

Handling ILINK64 Errors

BCC64 Errors and Warnings describes handling the following error from ILINK64, the C++ linker for 64-bit Windows:

 Public symbol 'x' defined in both module A and B

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