Hints and Warnings

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Go Up to Object Pascal Compiler

Project > Options > Object Pascal Compiler > Hints and Warnings

Use this page to control the information that the compiler provides at compile time.

Options Description

Target, Apply, Save

See Target Options.

Common items

See Common Items on Project Options Pages.

Item Description Compiler switches All platforms supported unless noted

Output hints

Enables hints during compile time. The enabled hints are those that are associated with the warnings listed as True in Output warnings list.

Default = True


Output warnings

Enables warnings during compile time. You can select the specific warnings that you want to be displayed during compile time. Object Pascal Warning messages are described in Error and Warning Messages (Object Pascal) Index.

For example, if you enable HPPEMIT ignored, the following warning is enabled: W1034 $HPPEMIT '%s' ignored (Object Pascal).

Default = True


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