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Explains the items on in the Help menu.

Item Description

Appmethod Help

Opens the Appmethod help submenu.

  • Main Help: Opens the Appmethod main help.
  • Data Library Help: Opens the Data Library reference.
  • Firemonkey Library Help: Opens the Firemonkey Library reference.
  • VCL Library Help: Opens the VCL Library reference.
  • System Library Help: Opens the System Library reference.
  • Other Libraries Help: Opens all the (excluding the above-listed) Library references.
  • Examples and Samples: Opens the Appmethod main Code Examples help.

Appmethod Docwiki

Opens the Main Page of the docwiki that is the source of the offline help content.

Third-Party Help

Opens the third-party help submenu.

  • Dinkumware Library Help: Opens the Dinkumware Library reference.
  • Indy Library Help: Opens the Indy Library reference.

Platform SDK Help

Opens platform SDK help submenu.

Help Wizards

Opens the help wizards submenu.

  • Mobile Help Wizard: Opens the context-sensitive help wizard that guides you through development for mobile platforms.

For example, if the current target platform is Android, this page displays Welcome to the Android Mobile Help Wizard.

Embarcadero Home page

Opens the Embarcadero home web page.

Embarcadero Developer Support Page

Opens the Embarcadero Developer Support web site.

Embarcadero Community Site

Opens the Embarcadero Social Community Network web site.

Object Pascal Home Page

Opens the Embarcadero Object Pascal web site.

Appmethod C++ Home Page

Opens the Embarcadero Appmethod C++ web site.

License Manager

The Embarcadero client-side license management tool that is delivered inside Appmethod. The License Manager helps you manage your local user licenses.

In the tool, choose from actions listed in the right-hand column.

About Embarcadero® Appmethod

Shows version information, license information, installed product information and more, about the version of Appmethod you are using.

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