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Appmethod offers support for fullscreen mode in FireMonkey applications that have the Mac OS X target platform. Fullscreen mode is available on Mac OS X versions 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and greater.

Mac OS X versions 10.8 and 10.9:

  • The full-screen icon Fullscreen2.png appears in the upper right-hand corner.

Mac OS X version 10.10+:

  • The full-screen icon FullScreenIconOSX.png appears in the upper left-hand corner.

On a Mac window:

  • To expand the application to fullscreen mode, click Fullscreen2.png or FullScreenIconOSX.png.
  • To leave fullscreen mode, press the Esc key.

Enabling the Mac Fullscreen Icon in Your FireMonkey Application

Full screen icon true.png

  • The result at run time, with the fullscreen icon indicated in red:
Full screen icon.png Full screen icon2.png

Starting Your FireMonkey Application in Fullscreen Mode on the Mac

Full screen true.png

Programmatically Setting Fullscreen Mode for Mac OS X Applications

You can also programmatically set the ShowFullScreenIcon and FullScreen properties using the following code:

Form1.ShowFullScreenIcon := true;  // enables the fullscreen icon in the Mac app
Form1.FullScreen := true; // starts the app in fullscreen mode on the Mac

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