External Difference Viewer / External Merge Viewer

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Go Up to Difference Viewer / Merge Viewer

Tools > Options > Environment Options > Difference Viewer > Add
Tools > Options > Environment Options > Merge Viewer > Add

Adds either an external difference viewer or an external merge viewer, determined by the command you choose. When diff'ing files or merging conflicts in the History Manager, you can select from installed external difference and merge viewers. One difference viewer/merge viewer available on the market is Araxis Merge.

If you are using the Subversion Integration in the IDE, you can use one or more external Difference Viewers and Merge Viewers. These two types of viewers are listed on the Difference Viewer and Merge Viewer dialog boxes. To add another viewer to the list, follow the path above and the instructions in either Adding a New Difference Viewer or Adding a New Merge Viewer.

Item Description


Type the title for the new external viewer.


Specify the executable (.exe, .com, or .pif) file of the external viewer.

Working Directory

Type the path of the program, or browse to it using the Browse button.


Specify any parameters for the added external viewer.


Opens the Select Program dialog box so that you can navigate to the application you want. Opens only files of certain extension like .exe, .com, or .pif.


Displays the available macros that can be expanded and passed to the new viewer. To add a macro to the Parameters list, either double-click the macro or select a macro and click Insert. The wizard uses spaces to separate macros in the Parameters list.


Appears along with the list of macros after clicking the Macros button. Adds the selected macro into the Parameters field, leaving a space between.

Note:To finish the adding of the new external viewer process, click the OK button on the Difference Viewer / Merge Viewer dialog box.

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