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Go Up to Debug Windows Index

View > Debug Windows > Event Log

Shows messages for breakpoints, process control, threads, modules, and output that occur during a debug session.

Right-click the Event Log window to display the following commands.

Item Description

Clear Events

Removes all messages from the Event Log window.

Save Events to File

Displays the Save Event Log to File dialog box, allowing you to save the messages in the Event Log window to a text file.

Add Comment

Displays the Add Comment to Event Log dialog, allowing you to add a comment to the end of the event log.


Displays the Debugger Event Log Properties page, allowing you control the content and appearance of the Event Log window. You can also display this page by choosing Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Event Log.

Stay On Top

Keeps the window visible when out of focus.


Enables drag-and-dock for the Event Log window.

To control scrolling of the Event Log:
When the Scroll new events into view option is set (the default), you can stop the scrolling of events by clicking inside the Event Log window and selecting an event. To resume scrolling, press END or click the last displayed event. Set the Scroll new events into view option on the Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Event Log page) (see Event Log Options).

Multiline events in the Event Log are displayed on separate lines, as follows:

  • Event type appears on first line.
  • Event text appears on following lines.
  • Process information appears on the final lines.

To ignore non-user breakpoints:
Use the Ignore non-user breakpoint option on the Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Embarcadero Debuggers page. The debugger can ignore or obey non-user breakpoints (ones that were not set using the IDE), according to the setting of this option.

To view a lengthy event message:
Hover the mouse cursor over the event, and a hint window pops up to display the entire message.

To copy text in the Event Log:
Use Ctrl-C or the Edit > Copy command.

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