Ending a Debug Session

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Two menu commands can end a debugging session:

  • To terminate a single process that is currently under the debugger's control, use either:
  • To simply unload the process from the debugger's control without actually terminating it, use Run > Detach From Program.

If you are debugging only a single process, using either Program Reset or Detach from Program ends your debugging session.

If you are debugging multiple processes at the same time, Program Reset or Detach From Program only ends debugging of the active process, and you can continue debugging the next active process. To completely end a multi-process debugging session, you should repeatedly use Program Reset or Detach from Program until all processes are either terminated or detached.

The Thread Status view contains local menu commands that allow you to Terminate and Detach from processes that are currently under debugger control.

You can also end a debugging session by simply exiting the program you are debugging (or otherwise allowing it to run to completion).

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