E2177 Redeclaration of #pragma package with different arguments (C++)

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Error E2177 is typically encountered when #pragma package(smart_init) is used in a header file (this is not recommended), and then another #pragma package(smart_init) is used in a source module that #includes the header file. The different arguments that the error refers to are the filenames of the header and the source file. The compiler cannot determine which unit name to use.

More Details

The #pragma package(smart_init) tells the compiler to tell the linker that this is a unit. The compiler does that by generating two comment records: one that specifies the unit's name. and one that specifies the unit's flags. You can see these by running tdump.exe on the object file.

When handling "unit" object files, the linker performs additional analysis to determine the order in which the units' global objects should be initialized. To compute the order, the linker looks at references to other "unit" object files. Note that if there are circular dependencies between objects, the order between them is undefined. Also note that "unit" semantics can alter the order in which global object constructors and #pragma startup/exit routines are invoked. If your code does not refer to symbols declared in Object Pascal units (such as VCL or FMX) and does not have dependencies on the order of global object construction (most C++ code does not), then you probably do not need "unit" semantics, and you can remove the #pragma package(..) generated by the File > New > Unit - C++

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