Displaying Property Values Derived from Functions in the Debug Inspector

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The Debug Inspector does not automatically report the values of all properties. This is because a function called to evaluate certain properties might have side effects that can affect the behavior of the program you are debugging. For example, if you evaluate certain properties before an object is fully constructed or before the object's associated window is created, some of the functions called try to create the window. When your program actually creates the window, the app is likely to raise an exception.

Therefore, for a property whose getters are member functions, the Debug Inspector shows only the name of the getter and setter (if the property has a setter).

To see the value of the property

  1. Click the ? button that appears to the right of the getter. The debugger continues to recalculate the value of the property each time the process stops (such as after a step or at a breakpoint).
  2. If you click the ? again, the debugger stops recalculating the value of the property and again shows the getter as the property's value each time the process stops.

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