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When you debug an application, you can inspect the values of members within a watched object whose type is a complex data object (such as a class, record, or array). These values display in the Watch List window when you expand a watched object. Additionally, you can expand the elements within an object, displaying its sub-elements and their values. You can expand all levels in the object. Members are grouped by ancestor.

To display expanded watch information in the Watch List window

  1. Set a breakpoint on a valid source line within your project. A breakpoint icon displays in the gutter next to the selected line.
  2. Choose Run > Add Watch to add a watch for an object in your application. The watch displays in the Watch List window.
  3. Choose Run > Run to begin running the program. If needed, use the feature of the program that will cause it to run to the breakpoint you set. The IDE automatically switches to the Debug layout and the program stops at the breakpoint.
  4. Click the + next to the name of the object that you added to the watch list. The names and values of elements of the watched object display in the Watch List window.

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