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Go Up to Environment Options

Tools > Options > Environment Options > Difference Viewer Tools > Options > Environment Options > Merge Viewer

Enables you to specify the preferred difference viewer or merge viewer to be used with the version control integration in the IDE. You can specify either the default internal viewer or an external viewer, and you can add external viewers from this page.

Item Description

Default Internal Difference/Merge Viewer

Allows you to choose an internal viewer. You can have more viewers installed, besides the Default Viewer. See Installing an Alternate Difference Viewer for the difference viewer.

External Difference/Merge Viewers

Allows you to choose an external viewer, one that you have added using the Add button on this dialog box. Buttons on this box include the following options:


Sets the selected viewer as the default external viewer.


Opens the External Difference Viewer / External Merge Viewer dialog box and enables you to add another external viewer to the list.


Deletes the selected external viewer from the list.


Allows you to edit a viewer on the External Difference Viewer / External Merge Viewer dialog box.

Preferred Difference Viewer:

Allows you to choose the viewer to use by default (for example in the Differences tab of the History Manager):

Note: To finish the adding of the new external viewer process, you must click OK on the Difference Viewer or Merge Viewer dialog box.

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