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Appmethod lets you customize your Code Editor by using the available settings in Tools Options to modify keystroke mappings, fonts, margin widths, colors, syntax highlighting, and indentation styles. You can also use the Formatter Options (the integrated source code formatter) or the standalone source code formatter.

To customize general Code Editor options

  1. Choose Tools > Options.
  2. Click Editor Options.
  3. Select any of the customization options and make modifications.
  4. Click OK to apply the modifications to the Code Editor.

To specify the color of code elements

You can specify the color of several elements that appear in the Code Editor, such as whitespace, comments, reserved words, identifiers, symbols, strings, characters, and numbers.

  1. Choose Tools > Options > Editor Options > Color.
  2. In the Element field, select the element you want to format, such as Comment.
  3. In the Foreground color field, select the color you want the selected element to have.
  4. To adjust the color of the background of the selected element, in the Background color field, select the color you want as the background.
  5. Click OK to apply the modifications to the Code Editor.

You can also use the checkboxes on the Color page to format comment text as italic, bold, and/or underlined.

Besides Source Options and Color, the following other pages appear in the Editor Options area of Tools Options:

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