Customize Toolbars

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Go Up to View Menu

View > Toolbars > Customize

Changes the toolbar configuration. Using this dialog box, you can add, remove, and rearrange buttons on toolbars.

Toolbars Page

The Toolbars page lists the toolbars you can show, hide, and reset.

Item Description


Lists the toolbars available, such as Standard, Debug, and Desktop.


Returns any selected toolbar to its default configuration.

Commands Page

The Commands page displays the menu commands you can drag and drop onto a toolbar.

Item Description


Lists the menus available, such as Debug and Run.


Lists all the commands available for the menu selected in the Categories list box. The icon to the left of the menu command is the button that will appear on the toolbar.

Options Page

The Options page allows you to specify that the IDE displays or hides tooltips and shortcut keys for toolbar button.

Item Description

Show tooltips

Displays tooltips for toolbar buttons when you move the mouse over the button.

Show shortcut keys on tooltips

Displays any toolbar button shortcut keys in the tooltip text.

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