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Go Up to File Menu

File > New > Customize

Use this dialog box to customize the content of the File > New menu by dragging menu items from the center pane and dropping them on the right pane.

Item Description

Gallery Items
(left pane)

Displays the folders of gallery items that are available in the Object Repository. Click a folder to display its content in the center pane.

Menu Items
(right pane)

Displays the items that are currently listed on the File > New menu. To remove an item from the File > New menu, drag it away from the list until its icon displays an X, and release the mouse button. To change the text for a menu item, double-click the text and enter new text. To add a separator bar between menu items, drag the Separator item from the center pane to the menu list.

Default Application on Startup
(Drag an item here)

If you want to set a default application type, drag the item that represents the application type from the center pane and drop it on this button. To remove the default application, click the button.

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