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Go Up to C++ Compiler

Project > Options > C++ Compiler > Output

Use this dialog box to set C++ compiler output options.

Options Description

Target, Apply, Save

See Target Options.

Common items

See Common Items on Project Options Pages.

Output Options Description Compiler support
bcc32   bcc32c   bcc64   bccosx   bcciosarm   bcciosarm64   bccaarm  

Disable compiler autodependency output

Disables output of results of autodependency checking into the .obj file. The IDE uses the autodependency information (a list of the #include files in your project) to keep your object files up to date. If this option is enabled, the dependency checker does not rebuild source files whose Include files have changed. Default = False (Enabled)


Do not prefix underbars to exported symbols

Do not prefix underscore characters to exported symbol names. Default = False


Exclude system headers from dependency info

Ignores system header files while generating dependency information. Default = False


Generate underscores on symbol names

The compiler automatically adds an underscore character (_) in front of every global identifier (functions and global variables) before saving them in the object module. Pascal identifiers (those modified by the __pascal keyword) are converted to uppercase and are not prefixed with an underscore. Underscores for C and C++ are optional, but you should turn this option on to avoid errors if you are linking with the Appmethod C++ libraries.
Default = True


Include browser information .obj files

Includes browser information in generated .OBJ files. Default = False


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