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BCC64 is the Appmethod C++ compiler for 64-bit Windows.

BCC64 is based on Clang. See Clang-enhanced C++ Compilers for information that the BCC64 compiler has in common with other Clang-enhanced C++ compilers.

Note: For 32-bit Windows, use BCC32C (Clang-enhanced compiler) or BCC32 (previous-generation compiler).

General Information

Field Value
Clang Version 3.3
LLVM Version 3.3
Calling Conventions Microsoft x64
Name Mangling Itanium
Standard Library Dinkumware

Output Files

File Type File Extension File Format
Executable .exe PE32+
Shared Library .dll PE32+
Static Library .a ar
Compiled Object .o ELF

Writing C++ Code for BCC64

To write C++ code specifically for BCC64, use:

#if defined(__BORLANDC__) && defined(__clang__) && defined(_WIN64)
    // Your code.

For more information, see Clang-enhanced C++ Compilers, Predefined Macros.

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