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Appmethod Guided Tours is a feature developed to create guided tutorials with the purpose of facilitating the learning of Appmethod.

The Guided Tours consist of a walkthrough around the IDE to show how it works and how to perform particular tasks and actions.

The Guided Tour is a step-by-step bubble pop-up tour that shows you the specific actions you must perform in each step. These steps indicate you to click a tool/option of Appmethod or provide you further information about the tutorial you are following.

How to Start and End a Guided Tour

You can find the Guided Tours in the Welcome Page, which is displayed when Appmethod opens. You can also open the Welcome Page from View > Welcome Page.

To start a Guided Tour, click the link located in the Welcome Page, for example:

Guided Tour in Welcome Page.png

You can stop the Guided Tour at any time by clicking the "x" button to close the bubble.

Note: If you stop the tour, you will not be able to resume it; you will have to start the tour from the beginning. We recommend you to have enough time to complete the tour once you start it.

You can minimize the Appmethod window to leave the tour in the background. Maximize the window to continue with the Guided Tour.

What the Guided Tours Consist of

The Appmethod Guided Tours have been created with the purpose of guiding you around the IDE and showing you how to perform certain tasks or how to use some Appmethod features.


To complete a Guided Tour you must follow carefully all the steps indicated in each bubble.

Types of Bubbles

You will find different types of bubbles in the Guided Tour:

  • Some bubbles wait for you to do a particular task. The next bubble does not display until you have completed the requested task.
  • Some bubbles have a "Continue" button or similar to go to next bubble. Be aware, since these bubbles may also expect you to perform a task, you can lose the flow of the tour if you don't perform it.
  • Some bubbles remain displayed in the screen only for a period of time.
  • Bubbles without arrow or pointer are hint bubbles, they provide you further information when navigating around the tour.

You can only move forward in the tour, so ensure you have read the information before you move to the next step.

Available Appmethod Guided Tours

You can find the available Guided Tours for Appmethod in the Welcome Page.

Warning: Do not close the Welcome Page; if you do so, the Guided Tour will stop.

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