Applying an Option Set Using the Configuration Manager

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Go Up to Applying an Option Set

To apply an option set using the Configuration Manager

  1. Select View > Configuration Manager.
  2. Click the name of the project.
  3. Click the AddRefToOptSet.png button (Add a reference to an option set).
  4. On the Add Option Set dialog box, select the project and the build configuration to which you want to apply the option set.
  5. Select an option set from the dropdown list or click Browse to locate an .optset file to add to the list. (If you cannot find an option set that you want to apply, close this dialog and create the option set.)
  6. Click Add Reference. The .optset file should now appear under the selected build configuration in the Project Manager.
  7. Either close the Add Option Set dialog box or repeat this procedure to add additional option sets by reference.

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