Adding an EMS Module to an EMS Package

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You can add new EMS resources to an existing EMS Package by adding additional EMS modules. Add new resources to your EMS Server to extend its functionality.

To add an EMS module to an existing EMS Package:

  1. Open the EMS Module Wizard:
    • For Object Pascal: File > New > Other > Object Pascal projects > EMS > EMS Module
    • For C++: File > New > Other > C++ projects > EMS > EMS Module
  2. The EMS Module Wizard opens. Enter the new resource information:
    • Name. The name of the created resource.
    • File type. Select if you want to implement the resource using a designer and components (Data Module) or using code (Unit).
  3. Select the Endpoints methods that you want to add to your resource.
  4. Click the Finish button.
  5. Implement the resource endpoint methods.

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