Adding a New Difference Viewer

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Go Up to Version Control Systems in the IDE

Adding a new Difference Viewer enables you to see the difference between two versions of a file by using another external viewer.

To add a new external Difference Viewer

  1. Choose Tools > Options > Environment Options > Difference Viewer.
  2. Click the Add button in the middle section of the Difference Viewer page, External Difference Viewers, to the right of the list of previously added external viewers.
  3. On the External Difference Viewer dialog box:
    • In the Title section, type the title of the new Difference Viewer.
    • In the Program section, specify the name of the program, which is an executable file (.exe, .com, or .pif) of the external viewer. The OK button remains unavailable unless a program is typed in this section.
    • In the Working Directory section, type the path of the executable file, or use the Select Program dialog by pressing the Browse button.
    • In the Parameters section, specify any parameters for the new external Difference Viewer. To add these parameters you have two options:
      • Type them in the Parameters section.
      • Click Macros to display all the available macros. To add macros to the parameters list, select the macros, and either click the Insert button or double-click the macros.
  4. Click OK on the External Difference Viewer dialog box to add the new Difference Viewer to the external viewers list.
  5. Press the Default button to the right of the list if you want to load this viewer when you press Show in external difference viewer ExternalDiffViewer.bmp (not the down-arrow) in the Differences tab on the History Manager. You also have to choose External Viewer in the Preferred Difference Viewer section of the External Difference Viewer dialog.
  6. Click OK on the Difference Viewer page of Tools Options to save the newly added viewer in the list of Difference Viewers.

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