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Adds strings in the selected unit to the Translation Repository. This dialog is displayed when you right-click a node on the Workspace tab of the Translation Manager and use the Add strings to repository command.

To add individual strings, rather than adding the strings for an entire unit, right-click the string in the Translation Manager and choose Repository > Add strings to repository.

The following options determine the criteria used for adding the strings.

Item Description


Adds strings based on the status displayed in the Status column on the Workspace tab. Check the statuses that you want to add.

Duplicate action

Determines how the repository responds when it finds a duplicate translation string for the same source string. Skip does not add the string. Add adds the string to the repository if no translated string exists for the original string. Force Add always adds the string to the repository, regardless of whether it exists in the repository. Replace overwrites the existing string with the new string. Display selection offers the user a choice.

Include context information

Adds the unit path and the value displayed in the Id column of the Workspace tab to the Translation Repository. This context information is displayed in the status bar when you select a string in the Translation Repository.


Indicates whether a string is added based on changes to its original value. Changed adds the string only if the original and translated values are different. Unchanged adds the string even if the original and translated values are the same. Don't care adds the string, whether it has changed or not, provided the string meets the other criteria set in this dialog box.


Adds or excludes strings based on the text in the Comment column on the Workspace tab. Type the comment text in the edit box and check Include to add strings with a matching comment, or check Not include to exclude strings with a matching comment.

Tip: To set general options for the Translation Repository, choose Tools > Translation Tools Options and select Repository.

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