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You can use the Add Method dialog box to add a method to a class or into the global scope in the Object Pascal Class Explorer.

Possible options are:

Item Description

Method name

Specifies the name of the method.

Add to class

Specifies the class to which you are adding the method.By default the currently selected class is prompted. You can, however, change this to any other available class selecting it from classes displayed in the drop-down list in the combo box.Select the @unitclass to add the method to the global scope.


Lists the arguments, if any. Arguments should be typed in exactly as they appear between the parentheses in the method declaration.

Method type

Specifies the type of the method. You can select among: function, procedure, constructor, and destructor.

Return type

Specifies the type of the return value. You can select one of the predefined types from the combo box or you can type in any other existing type.


Specifies the visibility of the method being created. You can select one of the options specified in the Visibility group.


Resets the default options.

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