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Some of the functionality of the actions system are fundamentally tied to the FireMonkey framework. Generally, this deals with managing of images (FMX.Graphics.TBitmap or TImageList). However, the core of actions functionality does not strongly bind with a particular framework and OS.

The System.Actions unit in the RTL provides framework-independent action features. Classes in the System.Actions unit extend the most fundamental behavior of actions introduced in the TBasicAction and TBasicActionLink classes.

Important: As a result of these changes, you need to add the System.Actions and System.Classes units into the uses section (for Object Pascal) or #include (for C++) in FMX applications using actions.

The System.Actions unit contains global procedures, functions, and variables for working with actions: RegisterActions, UnRegisterActions, EnumRegisteredActions, CreateAction, RegisterActionsProc, and others.

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