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Object Pascal

DOMVendors: TDOMVendorList;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE TDOMVendorList* DOMVendors;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
variable public
Xml.xmldom Xml.xmldom


Lists all registered DOM Vendors.

Use DOMVendors to determine all the DOM implementations currently registered with an application. For example, you can iterate through the Vendors property to obtain each registered TDOMVendor object, which can then be used to extract its IDOMImplementation interface or a descriptive string. Any of the TDOMVendor objects in the list can be assigned as the DOMVendor property of an XML document component.

Do not add or delete vendors using this global variable: Instead, add and remove vendors by calling the RegisterDOMVendor or UnRegisterDOMVendor procedure.

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