System.TimeSpan.TTimeSpan Properties

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DayspublicSpecifies the days component in a time span.
HourspublicSpecifies the hours component in a time span.
MaxValuepublicSpecifies the maximum TTimeSpan value.
MillisecondspublicSpecifies the milliseconds component in a time span.
MinutespublicSpecifies the minutes component in a time span.
MinValuepublicSpecifies the minimum TTimeSpan value.
SecondspublicSpecifies the seconds component in a time span.
TickspublicSpecifies the number of ticks in a time span.
TotalDayspublicSpecifies the total amount of days in a time span.
TotalHourspublicSpecifies the total amount of hours in a time span.
TotalMillisecondspublicSpecifies the total amount of milliseconds in a time span.
TotalMinutespublicSpecifies the total amount of minutes in a time span.
TotalSecondspublicSpecifies the total amount of seconds in a time span.
ZeropublicRepresents the zero TTimeSpan value.