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Object Pascal

function Connect(const AProfile: TTetheringProfileInfo; const AProtocolType: TTetheringProtocolType = '';  const AnAdapterType: TTetheringAdapterType = ''): Boolean; virtual; abstract;


virtual bool __fastcall Connect(const TTetheringProfileInfo &AProfile, const System::UnicodeString AProtocolType = System::UnicodeString(), const System::UnicodeString AnAdapterType = System::UnicodeString()) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Tether.Manager TTetheringProfile


Establishes a connection between your profile and the specified remote profile.

You may specify a specific type of protocol (<AProtocolType>) and adapter (<AnAdapterType>) for the connection. Otherwise, the connection may use any of the allowed connections of <AProfile>.

If the connection was already working, Connect restarts the connection.

Implementing Connect

Connect is an abstract method. You must implement Connect in subclasses of TTetheringProfile.

Implementations of Connect must return True if the connection succeeds or False if the connection fails.

If the connection succeeds, implementations of Connect must also add <AProfile> to the list of connected remote profiles.

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