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Object Pascal

property OnRequestStorage: TTetheringOnRequestStorage read FOnRequestStorage write FOnRequestStorage;


__property TTetheringOnRequestStorage OnRequestStorage = {read=FOnRequestStorage, write=FOnRequestStorage};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
System.Tether.Manager TTetheringManager


Allows you to provide an storage object to persist the pairing information that the manager accumulates.

By default, managers store the information about which remote managers are paired to them in memory. As a result, your manager can reconnect to a previously-paired remote manager, but only during the same session. If you restart your application, your manager looses its pairing data and cannot reconnect to previously-paired remote managers automatically, without using a password again if a password is required.

You can use OnRequestStorage to provide persistence to your manager.

The event handler of OnRequestStorage receives the following parameters:

  • <Sender> is your manager.
  • <AStorage> is a variable parameter that must be filled with an instance of a subclass of TTetheringCustomStorage. This object is responsible for persisting the pairing information of your manager.

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