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Object Pascal

property OnEndProfilesDiscovery: TTetheringEndProfilesDiscoveryEvent read FOnEndProfilesDiscovery write FOnEndProfilesDiscovery;


__property TTetheringEndProfilesDiscoveryEvent OnEndProfilesDiscovery = {read=FOnEndProfilesDiscovery, write=FOnEndProfilesDiscovery};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
System.Tether.Manager TTetheringManager


Occurs when the operation to discover remote profiles published by a remote manager finishes, either successfully or due to a time out.

When your manager pairs with a remote manager, each manager requests the other manager information about the profiles that the other manager provides. After your manager requests the profile information from the remote manager, your manager waits for some time (5 seconds by default) for a response.

OnEndProfilesDiscovery occurs as soon as either of the following conditions is met:

  • Your manager receives information about the remote profiles within the maximum response time (timeout).
  • The maximum time passes and your manager does not receive information about the remote profiles.

The event handler of OnEndProfilesDiscovery receives the following parameters:

  • <Sender> is your manager.
  • <RemoteProfiles> is a list of the remote profiles that the remote manager publishes.

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