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Object Pascal

property OnAcceptResource: TAcceptResourceEvent read FOnAcceptResource write FOnAcceptResource;


__property TAcceptResourceEvent OnAcceptResource = {read=FOnAcceptResource, write=FOnAcceptResource};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
System.Tether.AppProfile TTetheringAppProfile


Occurs when there is an incoming resource to determine whether the incoming resource is accepted or not. See Handling Incoming Remote Resources.

This event provides the following arguments to its event handler:

  • <Sender> is your TTetheringAppProfile component that is about to receive the incoming resource.
  • <AProfileId> is the ProfileIdentifier of the remote application profile that sends the resource. The RemoteProfiles property of your TTetheringManager component provides a list of remote application profiles that are connected to your profile; you can browse this list to find the remote application profile that matches the specified profile ID.
  • <AResource> is an instance of TCustomRemoteItem that contains properties that you can read to determine whether or not you accept the incoming remote resource, such as the Name of the resource or a Hint that describes its content.
  • <AcceptResource> is a boolean value that is True by default. You can change this value to False if you do not want to receive the incoming resource.

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