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Object Pascal

function GetRemoteResourceValue(const ARemoteRes: TRemoteResource): TRemoteResource; overload;
function GetRemoteResourceValue(const AProfile: TTetheringProfileInfo; const ARemoteResName: string): TRemoteResource; overload;


TRemoteResource* __fastcall GetRemoteResourceValue(TRemoteResource* const ARemoteRes)/* overload */;
TRemoteResource* __fastcall GetRemoteResourceValue(const System::Tether::Manager::TTetheringProfileInfo &AProfile, const System::UnicodeString ARemoteResName)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Tether.AppProfile TTetheringAppProfile


Requests an update of the specified remote resource to its remote profile and returns the updated resource.

You can specify a remote resource with either of the following parameters:

If there is any issue parsing the updated data from the remote profile, GetRemoteResourceValue returns a null value.

GetRemoteResourceValue is a synchronous function. This function performs a request to the remote profile, and the function execution only finishes after there is a response from the remote profile. You might want to use a separate thread to run this function.


A call to GetRemoteResourceValue may raise any of the following exceptions:

Exception Exception.Message Scenarios


Can't find profile for resource <resource name>

Remote resource not found

No available connections to <profile identifier>

Can't connect to profile <profile identifier>

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