System.Tether.AppProfile.TLocalAction Properties

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ActionpublishedAction that this instance of TLocalAction encapsulates.
CollectionpublicSpecifies the TCollection instance to which the TCollectionItem belongs.
DisplayNamepublicThe name displayed in the Collection editor.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
HintpublicDescription of the local item.
IDpublicA unique, permanent index for the item.
IndexpublicReturns the item's position in the Items array of TCollection.
IsPublicpublishedSpecifies whether application profiles containing this local item must share it (True) or not (False) with remote profiles.
KindpublishedKind determines whether the value of the local item is defined locally (default), or is mirrored from a remote item.
NamepublishedString that uniquely identifies the local item.
NotifyUpdatespublishedSpecifies whether the local item should announce changes automatically (True) or not (False).
ProfilepublicProfile that shares this local item.