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Provides TTetheringAppProfile and related members.

See Using App Tethering. Template:UnitInfo


TActionCollectionTActionCollection is a collection of instances of TLocalAction.
TCustomLocalItemRepresents a shared item from the point of view of the profile that is sharing that item.
TCustomRemoteItemRepresents an item shared by a remote profile.
TLocalActionRepresents a shared action from the point of view of the profile that is sharing that action.
TLocalResourceRepresents a shared resource from the point of view of the profile that is sharing that resource.
TRemoteActionRepresents an action shared by a remote profile.
TRemoteResourceRepresents a resource shared by a remote profile.
TResourceCollectionTResourceCollection is a collection of instances of TLocalResource.
TTetheringAppProfileProfile for app tethering that represents an application.


TAcceptResourceEventType of event handler for the TTetheringAppProfile.OnAcceptResource event.
TActionUpdatedEventType of event handler for the TTetheringAppProfile.OnActionUpdated event.
TASyncRemoteActionEventType of event handler for the TTetheringAppProfile.OnASyncRemoteActionEnd event.
TConnectedProfilePairCollection of key-value pairs.
TRemoteActionHandleType to identify an asynchronous TRemoteAction.
TRemoteActionStateCurrent state of an asynchronous TRemoteAction.
TRemoteProfileUpdateEventType of event handler for the TTetheringAppProfile.OnRemoteProfileUpdate event.
TRemoteResourceTypeType of data that a local resource or remote resource contains.
TResourceTypeRepresents one of the standard data types.
TResourceUpdatedEventType of event handler for the TLocalResource.OnResourceReceived event.
TResourceValueWrapper for a value.
TSimpleValueRecord that may contain either a boolean, an integer or a floating-point number.
TSubscribedResPairCollection of key-value pairs where keys are instances of TTetheringProfileInfo and values are instances of TCustomRemoteItem.
TTetheringRemoteItemTypeType of remote item.
TTetheringRemoteKindDetermines whether the value of an item is defined on the application that publishes the item (Shared) or is mirrored from another, remote item (Mirror).


AppProfileActionCaptionAppProfileActionCaption: string = ActionCaption;
AppProfileActionEnabledAppProfileActionEnabled: string = ActionEnabled;
AppProfileActionHintAppProfileActionHint: string = ActionHint;
AppProfileDataTypeAppProfileDataType: string = DataType;
AppProfileResourceTypeAppProfileResourceType: string = ResourceType;
AppProfileValueAppProfileValue: string = Value;
InvalidRemoteHandleInvalidRemoteHandle: NativeUInt = $FFFFFFFF;
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