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Object Pascal

LeadBytes: set of AnsiChar = [];


extern PACKAGE System::Set<System::Byte, 0, 255>  LeadBytes;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
variable public
System.SysUtils System.SysUtils


Lists all values that can be the first byte of a double-byte character on the local system.

Use LeadBytes to test whether a value can represent the lead byte in a double-byte character. If an individual value is in the LeadBytes set, it is not necessarily used as the lead byte of a double-byte character. It may also appear as the second byte of a double-byte character. To determine whether the character is used as a lead byte, use the global ByteType or StrByteType function.

Note: LeadBytes is always empty when running on a system with a locale that does not use a multi-byte character system (MBCS).

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