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Object Pascal

procedure WriteString(const Section, Ident, Value: String); override;


virtual void __fastcall WriteString(const System::UnicodeString Section, const System::UnicodeString Ident, const System::UnicodeString Value);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
System.IniFiles TMemIniFile


Writes a string value to an INI file.

Call WriteString to write a string value to an INI file. Section identifies the section in the file that contain the key to which to write. Ident is the name of the key for which to set a value. Value is the string value to write.

The WriteString method inherited from TCustomIniFile is modified to operate on the in-memory copy of the INI file data. The write methods for all other data types use WriteString internally after data values are translated from the original data type.

Note: Attempting to write a data value to a nonexistent section or attempting to write data to a nonexistent key are not errors. In these cases, WriteString creates the section and key and sets its initial value to Value.

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