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Object Pascal

procedure RegisterActions(const CategoryName: string; const AClasses: array of TBasicActionClass; Resource: TComponentClass);


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE void __fastcall RegisterActions(const System::UnicodeString CategoryName, System::Classes::TBasicActionClass const *AClasses, const int AClasses_High, System::Classes::TComponentClass Resource);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
System.Actions System.Actions


Registers action classes so that they appear in the list of standard actions in the Action List editor or Action Manager.

RegisterActions registers an action as a standard action in the IDE, so that users can choose them in action-related editors.

To register your own action classes so that they can be added to the Standard Action Classes list, call RegisterActions to register them.

Classes of predefined standard actions are registered with the RegisterActions method by the Appmethod automatically.

RegisterActions has the following parameters:

Parameter Description

Specifies the value of the actions' Category property.


Is an array of names of action classes to register.

Note: In C++, the AClasses_Size parameter specifies the index of the last entry in the AClasses array (one less than the number of classes to register).

Lets you assign default values to the properties of the actions being registered. Resource is the descendant of the TDataModule class that contains instances of the action classes listed by AClasses, where the properties of those instances are set to the default values. This parameter can be set to nil (Object Pascal) or NULL (C++) if there is no need to assign default values.

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