FireDAC.Stan.Option.TFDUpdateOptions Properties

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AssignedValuespublishedSpecifies the set of changed options.
CheckReadOnlypublishedControls the checking of the ReadOnly property.
CheckRequiredpublishedControls the checking of the Required property.
CheckUpdatablepublishedControls the ability to change a TField value.
CountUpdatedRecordspublishedControls the checking of an updated record count.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
EnableDeletepublishedAllows you to delete records from the dataset.
EnableInsertpublishedAllows you to insert records into the dataset.
EnableUpdatepublishedAllows you to edit records of the dataset.
FastUpdatespublishedControls the choice between fast and secure updates.
FetchGeneratorsPointpublishedControls the moment when the next generator value is fetched.
GeneratorNamepublishedSpecifies the generator name from which to fetch the next value for auto-incremental fields.
LockModepublishedControls how FireDAC locks a database record while editing it.
LockPointpublishedControls the moment when the database record will be locked.
LockWaitpublishedControls the waiting for the pessimistic lock to be acquired.
ReadOnlypublishedSpecifies whether the dataset is read-only.
RefreshDeletepublishedSpecifies whether a dataset should delete a record locally when a database record is not found at refreshing.
RefreshModepublishedSpecifies how the dataset should refresh a record after posting an update to it.
RequestLivepublishedSets ReadOnly to False and includes fiMeta in Items.
UpdateChangedFieldspublishedControls which fields to include in the UPDATE or INSERT command.
UpdateModepublishedControls how FireDAC locates records when posting updates.
UpdateNonBaseFieldspublishedControls whether fields from the joined non-base table should be included in the UPDATE or INSERT command.
VersionpublicRepresents the current options version.