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Object Pascal

property LiveWindowParanoic: Boolean read GetLiveWindowParanoic  write SetLiveWindowParanoic stored IsLWP default True;


__property bool LiveWindowParanoic = {read=GetLiveWindowParanoic, write=SetLiveWindowParanoic, stored=IsLWP, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDFetchOptions


Controls the records search mode of the TFDTable live data window mode.

Use the LiveWindowParanoic property to set up the records search mode of the TFDTable Live Data Window mode. 

In general, in order to maintain live data window, FireDAC performs different SQL queries. This can affect the application performance. To improve it, search operations can avoid extra SQL queries, but this leads to a less exact result. If LiveWindowParanoic = False (default value), then TFDTable will avoid the following:

  • SELECT COUNT(*) SQL query to calculate the RecNo property value. Instead -1 will be returned.
  • SELECT SQL query for the Locate and Lookup methods, when a locating record is found in a local client cache.

Note: The LiveWindowParanoic property is used only when TFDTable is operating in live data window mode. It is not used in standard mode.

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