FireDAC.Comp.Client.TFDConnection Events

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AfterCommitpublishedFires after the transaction is committed.
AfterConnectpublishedOccurs after a connection is established.
AfterDisconnectpublishedOccurs after the connection closes.
AfterRollbackpublishedFires after the transaction is rolled back.
AfterStartTransactionpublishedFires after transaction is started.
BeforeCommitpublishedFires before the transaction is committed.
BeforeConnectpublishedOccurs immediately before establishing a connection.
BeforeDisconnectpublishedOccurs immediately before the connection closes.
BeforeRollbackpublishedFires before the transaction is rolled back.
BeforeStartTransactionpublishedFires before the transaction is started.
OnErrorpublishedFires before FireDAC raises an exception inside of the commands, associated commands or dataset methods of the connection.
OnLoginpublishedFires when an application connects to a DBMS.
OnLostpublishedFires after FireDAC was not able to restore a lost connection to the DBMS.
OnRecoverpublishedOccurs when the connection to the DBMS is lost.
OnRestoredpublishedFires after FireDAC successfully restores a lost connection to the DBMS.