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Object Pascal

property Mappings: TFDBatchMoveMappings read FMappings write SetMappings;


__property TFDBatchMoveMappings* Mappings = {read=FMappings, write=SetMappings};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Comp.BatchMove TFDBatchMove


Use the Mappings property to setup source and destination columns mapping and to get the current source record values.

The Mappings property may be filled:

  • manually at design or run times. This allows to specify custom mappings, conversion expressions, etc.
  • automatically at Execute call, if it is empty. The source and destination columns matching performed by the column names. If a destination column has no corresponding source column, then the destination column will be excluded from mapping and will be not filled at data movement.

The OnFindDestRecord uses the Mappings property to find a matching record on the writer.

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