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Object Pascal

TWebBrowser = class(TCustomWebBrowser)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TWebBrowser : public TCustomWebBrowser


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.WebBrowser FMX.WebBrowser


TWebBrowser defines a web browser.

TWebBrowser is a visual component that permits loading and displaying Web content or local files. The loaded URL or the name of the loaded file is specified through the URL property.

TWebBrowser offers support for the basic functions of a browser, such as: navigate to URL, go back, go forward, along with specific events.

To load and display content in TWebBrowser, call the Navigate method with the URL or file name as a parameter, or set the URL property, and then call the Navigate method without any parameters.

To load and display local files, explicitly deploy the file to be displayed by adding it to the Deployment Manager, and add the 'file://' string before the file name, when calling the Navigate method.

Example for loading a local file:


Note: The TWebBrowser component is available on all Supported Target Platforms.

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