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Object Pascal

property OnChange: TNotifyEvent read FOnChange write FOnChange;


__property System::Classes::TNotifyEvent OnChange = {read=FOnChange, write=FOnChange};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
FMX.StdCtrls TRadioButton


Occurs when the state of TRadioButton is changed.

Usually, an OnChange event happens when the radio button state is changed.

This can happen:

  • When the state is altered programmatically by setting the IsChecked property.
  • By user interaction, after the radio button is clicked.
  • When the control has keyboard focus, by pressing SPACE or ENTER.

Selecting the state of a radio button will clear all the other radio buttons within the defined GroupName, causing their respective OnChange events. OnChange will not occur on those TRadioButtons whose state would not have changed.

TRadioButtons that have their GroupName undefined form a default group of radio buttons.

Tip: The OnClick event happens before the OnChange event.

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