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Object Pascal

TCustomValueRangeAction = class (TCustomControlAction)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCustomValueRangeAction : public Fmx::Controls::TCustomControlAction


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.StdActns FMX.StdActns


The base class for actions (without published properties) that can be used by controls having ValueRange-type properties.

The ValueRange property keeps information about the authorized ranges of floating-point values. See the TCustomValueRange class.

For example, the ValueRange property is used in the TCustomTrack and TCustomEditBox classes.

The descendant TValueRangeAction class extends TCustomValueRangeAction redeclaring the important properties and events with the published visibility: AutoCheck, Text, Checked, Enabled, GroupIndex, HelpContext, HelpKeyword, HelpType, SecondaryShortCuts, ShortCut, Visible, UnsupportedArchitectures, UnsupportedPlatforms, PopupMenu, ValueRange, OnExecute, OnUpdate. The published scope of these properties and events provides the possibility to use the Object Inspector assistance for editing values of these properties and defining event handlers at design time.

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