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Object Pascal

function SelectDPI(X, Y: Integer): Integer; overload;
function SelectDPI(DPI: TPoint): Integer; overload; inline;


int __fastcall SelectDPI(int X, int Y)/* overload */;
int __fastcall SelectDPI(const System::Types::TPoint &DPI)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
FMX.Printer TPrinterDevice


Selects the DPI that best fits the requested DPI and activates it.

SelectDPI returns the index of the selected DPI. You can use either one of the SelectDPI overloaded methods to activate the best fit DPI and change the value of ActiveDPIIndex.

The first SelectDPI overloaded method accepts the number of horizontal and vertical pixels as individual parameters (X and Y) while the second SelectDPI overloaded method takes in the number of pixels as a TPoint value.

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