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Defines the global instance of the cross-platform OS abstraction for FireMonkey. Template:UnitInfo


EInvalidFmxHandleBase class for invalid FireMonkey handle exceptions.
EUnsupportedPlatformServiceBase exception class for FireMonkey unsupported platform service exceptions.
IFMXApplicationEventServicePlatform service that defines the functionality required for setting application event handlers.
IFMXApplicationServicePlatform service that defines the basic operations expected by an instance of TApplication.
IFMXCanvasServicePlatform service that defines the registration and unregistration operations expected by instances of TCanvas.
IFMXClipboardServicePlatform service to interact with the system clipboard.
IFMXContextServicePlatform service to register and unregister rendering context classes.
IFMXDefaultMetricsServicePlatform service to determine whether or not a given control supports a default size and to obtain the default size of any control that supports a default size.
IFMXDefaultPropertyValueServicePlatform service for obtaining the default value of a specified property from a given class.
IFMXDeviceServicePlatform service to obtain hardware information.
IFMXDialogServicePlatform service for accessing common dialog boxes, such as dialog boxes to open and save files, dialog boxes for printing and printing page configuration, message dialog boxes or input query dialog boxes.
IFMXDragDropServicePlatform service that provides support for drag-and-drop operations.
IFMXHideAppServicePlatform service for hiding the running application or other applications.
IFMXLocaleServicePlatform service for getting the current language identifier and the first day of the week based on the system locale.
IFMXLoggingServicePlatform service to use the system logging service.
IFMXMultiDisplayServicePlatform service for multiple display support.
IFMXRenderingSetupServicePlatform service that provides a mechanism to override Direct3D and OpenGL rendering parameters, which are set before the actual window is created.
IFMXSaveStateServicePlatform service for getting and setting the global application state.
IFMXScreenServicePlatform service to get the screen size (width and height) and the screen scaling.
IFMXSystemFontServicePlatform service to get the default font family of the system.
IFMXSystemInformationServicePlatform service to retrieve system properties such as scrolling behavior options, minimum scroll thumb size, or the caret width.
IFMXTextServicePlatform service to get the metaclass of the TTextService class which is responsible for handling a set of services available for text controls.
TApplicationEventHelperFor internal use. TApplicationEventHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Platform.TApplicationEvent type.
TApplicationEventMessageMessage that contains data about an application event.
TCaretBehaviorHelperFor internal use. TCaretBehaviorHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Platform.TCaretBehavior type.
TComponentKindHelperFor internal use. TComponentKindHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Platform.TComponentKind type.
TPlatformServicesIs a class that can be used to determine the services that are available on the platform on which your application is running.
TPushDeviceTokenMessageMessage sent when a device token is received.
TPushFailToRegisterMessageMessage sent when the application fails to register.
TPushRemoteNotificationMessageMessage sent when the application receives a remote notification.
TPushStartupNotificationMessageMessage sent when the application receives a startup notification.
TScrollingBehaviourHelperFor internal use. TScrollingBehaviourHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Platform.TScrollingBehaviour type.


_di_IFMXSaveStateServiceObject Pascal interface for IFMXSaveStateService.
TApplicationEventType of an application event.
TApplicationEventDataRecord that represents an application event and provides the type of the event and a context with additional information.
TApplicationEventHandlerType of event handler for application events.
TRenderingSetupCallbackReference to a procedure (an anonymous method) that is used for rendering setup.
TScrollingBehaviourEnumerates the possible scrolling behavior options.
TScrollingBehavioursDefines the currently active scrolling behavior options.