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Contains classes and interfaces that define the phone dialer services and related information. For an example, see Mobile Code Snippets. Template:UnitInfo


IFMXPhoneDialerServicePlatform service that defines the structure of the TPhoneDialerService object and any other class that provides access to phone dialer services.
TCallUsed for obtaining an identifier for the call and to determine the state of the call.
TCallStateHelperFor internal use. TCallStateHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.PhoneDialer.TCallState type.
TCarrierUsed to obtain information regarding the cellular network service provider.
TPhoneDialerServiceIs an abstract class used as base for all phone dialer services.


_di_IFMXPhoneDialerServiceRepresents the IFMXPhoneDialerService Object Pascal interface for Appmethod C++ usage.
TCallsRepresents a dynamic array of TCall objects.
TCallStateIs an enumeration of possible phone call states.
TOnCallStateChangedIs a procedural type used by the OnCallStateChanged event.
TOnCarrierChangedIs a procedural type used by the OnCarrierChanged event.